The majority of world population could face deadly heat waves by 2100

Citizen scientists at NASA’s service, for the creation of the largest landslide database

Geoengineering polar glaciers to decelerate ice melting

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How does the Leaning Tower of Pisa survive earthquakes

Despite the hazardous inclination of approximately five degrees, the Leaning Tow...

NASA plans to transfer rock and soil samples from Mars to Earth

NASA is willing to collect and transfer soil and rock samples from Mars to Earth...

Volkswagen’s legendary hippy van to be revived as a battery-electric vehicle

I.D. Buzz microbus is the name of the updated model of the longest-produced vehi...

May Issue of the Newsletter is out! is excited to announce the May Newsletter Issue#155! ...

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Large Direct Shear Machines test the shear resistance between a geosynthetic or geosynthetic clay liner and the contact surface of a large soil sample...

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Data Scientist, Product Success
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Bentley Systems Inc.
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Bentley Institute Relations Manager
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16-Hour Structural Engineering (SE) Practice Exam for Buildings (STBDPX3), 3rd Edition
Authors:Joseph S. Schuster,SE, PE and Simpson Gumpertz & Heger (SGH)
Publisher: Professional Publications, Inc.

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NEC Corporation (Japan), in collaboration with Thailand's National Disaster Warning Center (NDWC), announced a few days ago the completion of the tria...

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