Indonesia to build a 7-km bridge over sea

NASA to send an exploration drone on Saturn's largest moon

Mudslide in Mexico: 7 fatalities

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Catastrophic dam failure in India: Officials blame crabs

Located in Ratnagiri district of the Indian Maharashtra state, Tiware dam was s...

Heavy rainfalls struck Japan: Over 1 million people affected

More than 1 million people are advised to evacuate their residences in Japanese...

The oldest building firm in the UK collapses

R. Durtnell & Sons, UK's oldest building company established in 1591, has ce...

Massive 7,1-Magnitude earthquake struck California

A powerful 7,1-magnitude temblor struck in the Mojave Desert (near Ridgecrest) ...

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A brand-new application is able to alert people in time when earthquakes strike in California. ...

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