Huge rockfall in Boulder Canyon triggered by blasting works

Building partially collapses due to construction works next door in UK

Vol. 5, Issue 1 of the IJGCH has been released!

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Astronauts investigate what happens to concrete when it's mixed in space

In an innovative attempt, astronauts examined what happens to concrete when...

Eldorado receives permits for Greek gold mines exploitation

According to the Canadian Eldorado Gold Corp, the Greek government granted inst...

ESA satellite narrowly avoids collision with SpaceX craft

ESA (European Space Agency) reported changing a satellite's course to avoid a co...

India to become the 4th country to land on the moon

Three countries, U.S., Soviet Union and China, have managed to land a spacecraf...

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Learn about Wykeham - Farrance's Automatic Computerized Oedometer and discover its unique capabilities! Soil's rate and magnitude of consolidation can...

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2018 Geotechnical Business Directory
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A brand-new application is able to alert people in time when earthquakes strike in California. ...

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