GeoWorld mobile app for ANDROID is launched

Glacier breaking captured in Greenland

Spectacular road bridge demolition in Colombia

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Reconstructing the 1929 Grand Banks underwater avalanche

In a research from the University of Liverpool the 1929 Grand Banks underwater a...

Concrete that traps CO2 emissions for good

A new method to produce concrete that traps harmful CO2 emissions and increases ...

Landslide at Myanmar jade mine: 15 killed and 45 injured

At least 15 people in northern Myanmar were killed while 45 others were injured ...

UK’s first energy-positive office opens in Swansea

The UK's first energy-positive classroom generates more than one and a half time...

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The High Capacity Direct Shear Machine by Gilson is specifically designed to measure the total resistance to shear of large, 12in (305mm) square soil ...

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Geotechnical Engineer / Branch Manager
Krazan & Associates, Inc.
California, United States
Geotechnical Engineer / Branch Manager
Krazan & Associates, Inc.
PLAXIS Sales Engineer - ANZ
Bentley Systems Inc.
North Sydney, Australia

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16-Hour Structural Engineering (SE) Practice Exam for Buildings (STBDPX3), 3rd Edition
Authors:Joseph S. Schuster,SE, PE and Simpson Gumpertz & Heger (SGH)
Publisher: Professional Publications, Inc.

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NEC Corporation (Japan), in collaboration with Thailand's National Disaster Warning Center (NDWC), announced a few days ago the completion of the tria...

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