The financial impact of volcanic alerts on local regions

Cal CEE Students Post their Geoenvironmental Project Reports Online and Welcome your Feedback!

The "living building" in Georgia Tech University

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Avalanche in the Himalayas: At least 8 casualties

At least 8 people have been reported dead after an avalanche struck in the Indi...

Massive cliff collapse in Jurassic Coast, UK

A cliff collapse that occurred in England's Jurassic Coast is considered to be ...

Polymer molecules that change color when a material is close to failure

Scientists from the Beckman Institute for Advanced Science and Technology, ...

M 6.0 earthquake struck Indonesia: At least 8 casualties

A M 6.0 earthquake hit Indonesia on April 10, 2021, resulting in at least 8 fat...

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We are excited to announce that GeoWorld, the biggest online platform for geotechnical engineers, just published the fourteenth issue of “Geo-Trends Review” magazine. The first crowdsourcing-based
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A new simulation tool that utilizes many variables for the design and the initial phases of the building process has recently been introduced. ...

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