Sydney will accommodate the largest hybrid timber tower in the world

3-story building collapses in Brooklyn, New York

Landslide in Myanmar mine: At least 168 people dead

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Monitoring infrastructure via Digital Twins

Infrastructure monitoring can be completely retrofitted utilizing a concert know...

Archaeological sites in Israel threatened due to construction boom

According to some researchers, archaeological sites in Israel are vulnerable due...

History of the Hoover Dam

Introduction Hoover Dam is the tallest arch dam constructed in the United Sta...

Rockslide triggered after M 5.8 earthquake struck central California

The Whitney Portal area closed to the public after being impacted by a co-seism...

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Learn about Wykeham - Farrance's Automatic Computerized Oedometer and discover its unique capabilities! Soil's rate and magnitude of consolidation can...

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2019 Geotechnical Business Directory
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A brand-new application is able to alert people in time when earthquakes strike in California. ...

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