The impact of precipitation on mountains' landform

MOSE flood barrier system protects Venice

Elevating houses to address flood risks: A detailed analysis

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USUCGER publishes report on the Survey of Geotechnical programs in the US

The United States Universities Council on Geotechnical Education and Research (...

House collapses into large sinkhole in Russia

A residence collapsed due to a large sinkhole that opened in a Russian village....

Building collapses in London after explosion: 2 casualties

Two people have been reported dead after an explosion caused a building to colla...

From what material will buildings on Mars be constructed?

A material that exists on Earth but is not used in the construction industry can...

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Learn about Wykeham - Farrance's Automatic Computerized Oedometer and discover its unique capabilities! Soil's rate and magnitude of consolidation can...

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Civil Engineer - Water/Wastewater
Barton & Loguidice
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Toronto Transit Commission

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2020 Geotechnical Business Directory
Authors: GeoWorld Network
Publisher: ARGO-E
16-Hour Structural Engineering (Se) Practice Exam for Buildings , 5th Edition
Authors: Joseph S. Schuster, P.E., S.E.
Publisher: Professional Publications, Inc.

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Advanced 3D tools such as SVDESIGNER offer a lot of power to the user, but such power is not always necessary when creating 3D models. The 3D extr...

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