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Unexpected collapse of Miami building

A 12-story building located in Collins Avenue, Miami, collapsed unexpectedly on Monday 23 July. One person was injured and traffic paused for three hours.

Mixed reality to design Barcelona Camp Nou stadium upgrade

An upgrade is about be implemented in Barcelona's Camp Nou stadium and mixed reality is being used to realize it.


Engineering students participate in bridge construction in Bolivia

The students participated in the construction of the 39-meter cable suspension bridge through collaboration with Bridges to Prosperity. 

Nicholas Gianopulos: a role model for engineers

Nicholas Gianopulos, who passed away in July 21, 2018 at the age of 93, was a structural engineer that made some of Philadelphia's architects projects erect and saved historic constructions from collapsing. ... 

Meet the MS-398 Load Frame by Gilson 

It has a higher strain rate to accommodate Marshall and Lottman testing of hot-mix asphalt specimens while still allowing users to perform many soils tests using suitable accessories.

350ft Waterfall on a Skyscraper in China

The waterfall operates by electrically pumping water down the side of a skyscraper using four 185kW pumps at a cost of $117 per hour.


Asia's most impressive bridge

The construction emerges from the trees of Thien Thai garden in Ba Na Hills. Established by French colonists in 1919, Ba Na Hills is a resort inside the mountain. 

Massive truck explosion provokes partial bridge collapse and fatalities in Italy

The accident occurred near the city of Bologna in north Italy. 2 people were killed and about 70 were reported injured.

Australia's impressive Matagarup bridge

The $91.5 million project that provides access to the new 60,000-seat stadium consists of undulating steel structures that engage harmonically with the surrounding landscape by a series of unfolding views

Golden Gate Bridge: Installation of suicide barrier

Since the bridge opening in 1937, about 1,700 people have attempted a suicide mission from the span, 14 of them during 2018

U.S. Bicycle Route System evolves

Nevada became the 26th state to obtain a USBRS after the construction of USBR 50. 

Buildings that fully withstand natural hazards impact

The report, delivered recently to the U.S. Congress, recommends certain changes in the construction standards and codes of residential and commercial buildings. 


Civil Engineering Job Opportunities

Rockridge Geotechnical, Inc., Oakland, USA

Bentley Systems, New Delhi

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DFI 43rd Annual Conference
On Deep Foundations
When: October 24 2018
Join the 43rd Annual Conference on Deep Foundations in Anaheim, California, where you will network with the largest gathering of practitioners specializing in the deep foundation industry; attend special lectures featuring our world-renowned keynote speakers; learn about innovations in design, construction and delivery of deep foundations; become updated on design, construction,.

Build, view and report your soil profiles in 3D with VisLog

Using VisLog by Novotech, the user is able to enter borehole information including their depth, coordinates, ground water level, etc. and have a three-dimensional interactive view of the subsurface layers at the site.


Calculation example - Road design- Circular arc implementation

How to implement on the ground the main components (start, middle, end points) of a circular curve with known radius R, tangent to two main alignments E1 and E2, by occupying node K (intersecting point of the two main tangents).

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