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Last year's ozone hole was the smallest observed since 1988
More good news: scientists predict it will continue to shrink, although its full recovery is not expected until the middle of the century

Special hydro-power plant can be deployed in a week and could power up to 60 homes
The turbine is based on the principle of a whirlpool, while being both fish friendly and allowing debris to pass through

Water scarcity: Cape Town is running dry

'Day Zero' approaches, when the city's water taps will be turned off in Mid-May


Meet the HM-354 32tsf CONBEL™ System by Gilson Featured

HM-354 32tsf CONBEL™ System has a load capacity to 32tsf (3,064.3kPa), requires a minimum of 123psi (8.5bar) of compressed air and operates at 110V / 60Hz. The HM354F unit operates at 220V / 50Hz.

World's largest air purifier is undergoing testing and will soon start operating in China

There are fears that the situation could drag many other smaller companies down due to unpaid invoices

The 'Colors of Humanity' building features an innovative façade covered with colorful photovoltaic glass

Preliminary results suggest it has already helped reduce smog levels in Xian

Online vs Offline advertising in the Construction, Civil and Environmental industries

Read our latest blog post in Argo-E to decide the best way of advertising.


The world's first 'forest city' in China joins the fight against air pollution

The plan calls for terraced buildings with almost a million plants and 40,000 trees that will annually absorb almost 10,000 tons of CO2

Dutch greenhouses have revolutionized modern farming

At optimal growing conditions, each acre in the greenhouse yields as much lettuce as 10 outdoor acres and cuts the need for chemicals by 97%


What the new 'Air Quality Atlas for Europe' reveals
The sources and levels of air pollution in Europe have been mapped


Tesla's battery in South Australia made $1 million in profit in just a few days

The massive battery system moves from showboating to money-making

World Sustainable Energy Days 2018 in Wels, Austria

One of the largest conferences on sustainable energy

Civil Engineering Job Opportunities

Bentley, Brisbane, US

Bentley Charleston FLorida, US

Construction Project Manager
Gannett Fleming, Florida, US

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Pile Driving Contractors Association and Pile Dynamics, Inc. Present Seminar on Deep Foundation Integrity Testing and Wave Equation Analysis.
 Who should attend: Geotechnical, structural and construction engineers; owners, contractors and other professionals involved in the design, construction and specification of deep foundations.

Build, view and report your soil profiles in 3D with VisLog

Using VisLog by Novotech, the user is able to enter borehole information including their depth, coordinates, ground water level, etc. and have a three-dimensional interactive view of the subsurface layers at the site.

Calculation example - Similarity Transformation in 2-D space
Calculate the coordinates of a known point P in an orthogonal coordinate system to a reference orthogonal coordinate system preserving shapes (angles) during transformation, in 2-D space.

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