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Flexi-Pave: An asphalt replacement that can absorb 3,000 gallons of water per hour
 This new material is made of recycled tires, stone and a polyurethane binder...

Water crisis: Various groundwater resources around the world could be depleted by 2050
Heavily irrigated regions in drier climates face the greatest threat...

Waste is upcycled into bricks for streets in Nairobi

Materials that have ended up in the dumpsite can benefit the community while also creating unique street designs in the process

Meet Gilson's High Capacity Shear Machines Featured

These devices feature the exclusive Karol-Warner CONBEL™ system for loading the large, soil or soil/geosynthetic samples. 

Carillion: UK's second-largest building firm is about to collapse, sending shockwaves through the industry

There are fears that the situation could drag many other smaller companies down due to unpaid invoices...

The 'Colors of Humanity' building features an innovative façade covered with colorful photovoltaic glass

The energy-efficient building will be the new 'Doctors Without Borders' headquarters in Geneva...READ MORE

A number of cities around the globe are testing 3D crosswalks in order to slow traffic
An interesting technique that aims to make the streets safer, even though no study to check whether it actually reduces accidents has yet been conducted..

Check out these glowing plants that shine in the dark

The technology could be used to provide low-intensity indoor lighting, or to transform trees into self-powered streetlights

Art in photovoltaics: World's first solar panel mural installation is a reality

The solar panel was unveiled last November at San Antonio's Luminaria Contemporary Arts Festival... READ MORE

Civil society organizations from 28 EU countries ally against coal
'Europe beyond Coal': a campaign against climate change, atmospheric pollution and its disastrous effects on humans and the environment

New thermochromic windows that function as photovoltaics have been developed

These photovoltaic windows were an accidental discovery at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL)

Top 20 most popular civil engineering news in 2017! 

The  most captivating articles amongst hundreds of news published in through the Civil Engineering news center!... READ MORE

Civil Engineering Job Opportunities

Project Manager-Civil Site Development
Thomas & Hutton, South Carolina, US

Thomas & HuttonCharleston South Carolina, US

Thomas & Hutton, Georgia, US

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Grouting Fundamentals and Current Practice 
When: 12 -16 February 2018
 The 39th annual course will again be held at The University of Texas at Austin and involve a notable faculty of recognized international authorities and leaders in the grouting industry. For owners, regulators, consultants, and contractors who have interest in pressure grouting to a broad array of geo-structural construction and remediation techniques.

Laboratory tests and strong reporting System with NovoLAB

NovoLAB is a geotechnical data management software designed for processing soil laboratory test data and preparation of boring logs.

Calculation example - Elevation calculation and grade along a profile vertical curve

Determine the elevation and grade value of an unknown point K which lies along a profile vertical curve (convex in this example).

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