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World's largest bike parking lot opens in Utrecht

World's largest bike parking lot opens in Utrecht... 

A new circular economy concept for textiles and chemicals
An innovative textile recycling plant could recycle 500 tons of waste per year...READ MORE

Freshkills Park NY: Transforming the world's biggest landfill site to a flourishing green space

This newly thriving ecosystem may become a model for other places that have been irrevocably changed by human interference

World's first solar-powered hot air balloon teaches youngsters about renewable energy

Last July, it visited a primary school in Bristol, UK

University of Michigan students grow their own vegetables on campus

The University's Sustainable Food Program empowers students to create a sustainable food system

Veolia plans to turn former UK landfills into solar farms

The company has already secured planning permission to install solar panels across 3 landfill sites in the country

This motorhome uses no fuel, as it is 100% solar-powered

Virtually every inch of this electric vehicle is covered in solar panels

Australian researchers have developed a solar paint that turns water vapor into hydrogen
 It draws moisture from the air, splitting it into oxygen and hydrogen, the cleanest source of energy

World's largest single-tower solar thermal power plant to be built in South Australia

The massive AUD $650 million installation will have a proposed output of 150 MW

The world's first hybrid hydro and floating PV power plant opens in Portugal  
Α 220-kW PV installation has been deployed on a hydroelectric dam on Portugal's Rabagão River. This is the first time the two technologies have been used in tandem at utility scale.

Hybrid biomass and solar energy system for water desalination
The integrated desalination system could provide drinking water to poor and rural communities at a lower cost...

Train derails in India, leaving 23 people dead and at least 74 injured

 'Unofficial' track maintenance could be the reason behind the train accident... READ MORE
Civil Engineering Job Opportunities

Field Engineer
Hayward Naker, Baltimore, US

Jacobs, India

Klohn, Toronto, Canada


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Central projection and projective transformation of a plane

Calculate the maximum offset value ΔΖmax of an extrusion or intrusion detail from a reference plane (mainly flat object) so that the maximum error on the image plane due to radial shift does not exceed a certain limit Δρmax. (optical axis perpendicular to object plane)

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