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Αν artificial tree captures air pollutants 275 times more efficiently than a normal one

It was developed by a German start-up in order to fight air pollution... 

The tragedy of Kabwe in Zambia, the world's most toxic city

Decades of unsafe lead mining and smelting have resulted in the poisoning of multiple generations.  READ MORE

Α powder offers an innovative solution to water purification

A small Japanese company has developed a special powder that could improve water quality
 in developing 
countries...READ MORE

Canadian startup launches new underground bulk energy storage system

It will be the first emission-free compressed-air storage plant...

Innovative and sustainable products made of seagrass

A Greek start-up uses dead seagrass leaves as its primary raw material...

This water-pipe harnesses the untapped energy potential of moving water, producing clean and low-cost electricity

Its core is an innovative, hydrodynamic 
turbine...READ MORE

These are no ordinary popsicles! They are made of polluted water samples from Taiwan

Created by a trio of students to highlight the problem of water contamination in 

China grew bored of traditional solar farm layouts and created one depicting a giant panda bear

Its appearance pays homage to the country's national treasure - the Giant Panda...

Calculation example - Determine the water content and unit weight of a saturated sandy soil sample

Determine water content w and unit weight γsat of a sandy soil sample when it becomes saturated, at the same 
void ratio...READ MORE

Planting trees using drones is being tested in India

 Scientists from IISC Bangalore aim to make a 10,000-acre hilly area green again...

China is clamping down on companies that discharge pollutants
They include feed processing, wine-manufacturing, paper-making and the steel and chemical sectors...

Train derails in India, leaving 23 people dead and at least 74 injured

 'Unofficial' track maintenance could be the reason behind the train accident... READ MORE
Civil Engineering Job Opportunities

Designer - Navi Mumbai - Civil
Jacobs, Belapur, India

Klohn, Crippen, Canada

OPUSCanterbury, New Zealand


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Small Steps Webinars Series 3 - Using and Designing Quick Sections and Site Plans in HoleBASE SI

Keynetix is delighted to announce the latest series of their ever popular Small Steps Webinars.

The first webinar will take place on Friday 29th September and will then be every week for the following 4 weeks. Each webinar will be available via "watch again" for 7 days to all delegates.


CivilFEM for Forensic Engineering

Forensic engineering, by Novotech, is the investigation of materials and structures that failed or did not operate as intended. The advanced non-linear analysis capabilities of CivilFEM 2016 plus Code and Standards verifications make it a unique tool for Forensic engineering.



The Geotechnical Business Directory, the most comprehensive directory in the geotechnical engineering field, was just published for a third year!  

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