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GeoWorld Redesign Video 2017!

We present you a quick video explaining all the changes that have taken place in GeoWorld, the largest professional networking site for geotechnical engineers and associated fields!

Drones may help in designing future solar farms

They can get the job done more quickly and efficiently, while reducing the costs involved

A German coal-mine will be converted into a hydroelectric battery

The small nation is hailed as one of the greenest countries on Earth

More than 80% of underground water in China is heavily polluted

Industrial pollution and farming has rendered it unsuitable for human use

Airline food waste: 5.2 million tons were thrown away in 2016 alone

Cabin waste costs the industry $500m per year, according to IATA

A sculpture outside London's National Theater highlights the issue of plastic pollution in our oceans

The work of the renowned marine sculptor Jason deCaires Taylor is called 'Plasticide'

Calculation example - Three Point Resection

Determine the coordinates of an unknown station P from three (3) previously coordinated reference points A, B and C visible from station P, only by measuring the angles subtended by lines of sight from station P to the three coordinated points. 

World's largest artificial sun will be used to develop new alternative 
energy sources

A 'made in Germany' project, called Synlight


2017 is expected to be hot, but probably not as hot as last year

Weather forecasters are predicting that 2017 will still be one of the hottest years on record.

The largest power storage facility on earth is solar-powered and 
located in southern California

It can power over 2,500 homes for a whole day or 15,000 homes for 4 hours

Could trains be directly powered by track-side solar panels?

Researchers at Imperial College are trying to find out

Civil Engineering Job Opportunities

Sales Solution Executive - Transportation - Civil Design
Bentley, Chicago

Kiewit, US


Did you know about our Featured Resources

Webinar on Wave Equation Analysis of Piles using GRLWEAP, Pile Dynamics, 06th June 2017

Pile Dynamics, Inc. invites you to participate in a Wave Equation Analysis of Piles using GRLWEAP Webinar. Features of GRLWEAP Version 2010 and GRLWEAP Offshore Wave will be, presented, explained and demonstrated. Participants will be eligible for a 10% discount on GRLWEAP 2010 license or GRLWEAP license update to 2010.

Estimating in Heavy Construction

This book presents the theoretical background as well as best practice examples of estimating in heavy construction. The examples stem from practitioners in international large-scale construction projects.

Novotech is now the distributor of CivilFEM software in North America
CivilFEM enables engineers to perform very sophisticate analysis, ranging from response spectra methods to non-linear time history or pushover analysis, incorporating soil-structure interaction, material non-linearity, geometric non-linear effects and boundary nonlinearity.

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