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In December's issue, we collected the top 20 most popular civil engineering news of 2016 directly from our News Center,  which features daily articles written by civil engineering professionals! 

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Innovative solar panels roll out like a carpet

 Solar power is easier to install than ever before

A wind-turbine without blades!

It is called Vortex and features reduced operating costs and low environmental impact

Germany just generated 95% of the power it needs from renewables

This is quite an achievement for the 4th largest economy in the world and one of the most developed and industrialized nations worldwide

Solar farms can be really impressive! 

Beautiful examples of amazing solar farms around the world.

World's tallest Solar Tower under construction in Israel 

The project is called Ashalim and the solar tower will be 240m (787ft) tall

Sion: an electric car with integrated solar panels on its body

With 7,5 m² of solar cells, it can provide 30 more free kilometers 
per day

A cozy little house made of cardboard

A beautifully-designed sustainable house with exceptional constructional strength that can be assembled in just one day and last for a lifetime

Costa Rica goes 100% renewable this year!

The country continues to produce more than 99% of its electrical energy from renewables for a third year in a row

Solar-kinetic street lighting in Las Vegas!

It is the first time this off-the-grid street lighting technology will be applied, combining kinetic and solar energy!


Tindo!! Solar Buzz!! Kayoola!!

Tindo made its appearance in Adelaide, Australia in 2007 and it is the world's first bus powered exclusively by solar power .

Mr. Trash Wheel, in the Baltimore Harbor, can collect up to 17tns 
of waste per day

Baltimore City, via its 'Healthy Harbor' project, is aiming to turn the harbor swimmable and fishable again by 2020

30 years after Chernobyl - in photos

Inside the abandoned city of Pripyat  

World's first hydrogen-powered passenger train will be 
launched in Germany next year

Coradia iLint is a new CO2-emission-free regional train, providing an alternative to diesel power

World's largest floating wind farm is under construction in the UK

The Scottish government has approved its installation


Plastic roads may become the alternative to conventional road structure

Rotterdam already considers testing them out


Colossus, a lost wonder of the ancient world could be 
rebuilt in Rhodes, Greece

Its outside would be made of bronze-colored solar panels making it completely self-sufficient

Belgium has stopped producing energy from coal burning 

Belgium becomes the seventh EU country that quits coal power


Energy storage could take renewable technology to a whole new level

Storage systems can make economic sense for renewable energy sources such as wind and solar, according to new research.


A foot-powered washing machine that uses no electricity and minimal 
amounts of water

It is easy to use and ideal for mobile living


Create biogas in your own back yard from organic waste! 

A revolutionary household biogas system turns organic waste into clean biogas for cooking

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