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Iceberg wall collapsed in Titanic Museum

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Three people were severely injured after an iceberg wall located at a Titanic Museum in the United States collapsed.

Iceberg wall collapsed in Titanic Museum Iceberg wall collapsed in Titanic Museum Titanicpigeonforge

The incident occurred on August 2, 2021, in a Titanic Museum situated in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. The ice wall exhibit represented the actual iceberg that hit the Titanic causing it to sink back in 1912. It comprised actual ice that is preserved through a water filtration system and measured approximately 4.6 x 8.5 meters. 

The wall gave way under unknown circumstances and impacted three people. All of them were hospitalized with one being airlifted to a medical center about 48 kilometers away.

The museum which claims to be the largest Titanic Museum attraction worldwide, was temporarily closed but it was re-opened the following day. The area of interest was secured and the ice wall was removed. The owners suggested that it will take at least a month before the ice wall is re-constructed. 

Both the Police and the museum are conducting an investigation on the causes of the incident. "Needless to say, we would never expect an incident like this to happen, as the safety of our guests and crew members are always at the top of our priorities. We take pride in the quality of our maintenance and have measures in place to ensure that appropriate safety guidelines are followed," officials from the museum, stated.

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