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Building collapse in Cairo, Egypt: At least 8 casualties

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At least 8 people have been reported dead after a building collapsed in Cairo, Egypt.

Building collapse in Cairo, Egypt Building collapse in Cairo, Egypt Independent

A 9-story structure gave way in the capital city of Egypt on Saturday, March 27, 2021. The incident resulted in at least 8 fatalities while more than 24 people were injured and hospitalized. 

The causes of the failure have not been identified yet. A committee consisting of engineers has been formed to investigate the incident.

Numerous people were trapped under the rubble and a rescue operation in search of survivors initiated. The police secured the surrounding area since the streets were covered with debris.

The sources suggest that such failures are common in Egypt since real estate companies aim at large profits and establish constructions that do not comply with the safety regulations. Frequently, extra floors are added to buildings without the developers acquiring the necessary permits. This phenomenon is mostly observed in poor neighborhoods and rural regions. Nevertheless, the Egyptian government has launched an operation to halt illegal constructions by penalizing the offenders and demolishing buildings.

The collapse struck some hours after a fatal train accident occurred in central Egypt. Two trains collided after the emergency brakes of the first one were activated under unknown circumstances. The second train crashed on it, derailed and, subsequently, overturned. At least 32 people were reported dead and 165 injured.

Sources: IndependentAlJazeeraBBC


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