Bridge in Ravenna Township, Ohio closed due to foundation erosion

Heavy rains in India's Kerala state trigger floods and landslides, at least 27 casualties

Rocheport Bridge replacement project

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A novel system for structural integrity monitoring of an offshore fish farm

Fibre optic technology is introduced in a novel system of structural stress mon...

Urban areas at greater risk for landslides due to the effects of precipitation

A new study indicates that urbanized areas are more prone to landslides caused ...

Water pipe bridge collapses in Japan: people forced to line up for supplies

A water pipe bridge over the Kinokawa River in Japan collapsed on October 3. On...

The effect of rock shape on rockfall risk assessment

A new study from ETH Zurich university and the WSL Institute for Snow and Avala...

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'; Roadway Project Manager
'; Roadway Project Manager
Roadway Project Manager
Virginia Beach, VA

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We are excited to announce that GeoWorld, the biggest online platform for geotechnical engineers, just published the sixteenth issue of “Geo-Trends Review” magazine. The first crowdsourcing-based
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2021 Geotechnical Business Directory
Authors: GeoWorld Network
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A new simulation tool that utilizes many variables for the design and the initial phases of the building process has recently been introduced. ...

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