The Egg-shaped House Is Energy Independent and Can Be located Everywhere

Mini Ice Age Is Coming!

Atomic Clocks Monitor Volcanoes

Horror Scenario For Coastal Areas

Green Deal is not a priority!!

M6.9 near Nikolski, Alaska

Deadly Sinkhole Accident in Kentucky

Amazing Underwater Lakes Beneath Santorini

This is the Lake of Death of Cameroon!

Dam Vaiont Failure

The Collapse of Silver Bridge

WTC Awarded 2015 Best Tall Building

The Largest Building In The World Covers 7,400 Acres!

Video: Donora-Webster Bridge Demolition

Campi Flegrei Supervolcano and the Roman Concrete

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The July Issue of Newsletter is out ! is excited to announce the July issue #97 of its mont...

Historical Building Of Kodak Demolished

The building 53 at the Industrial Park of New York collapsed, putting an end to ...

Amazon to Build 670,000-Megawatt Wind Farm

Amazon Web Services has announced that it will contract the construction of a 20...

The Building Material Of The Device Of ITER

At the construction site of the International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor...

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The project «Ecocapsule» offers an alternative perception of residence and can offer all the comforts of a house on the planet's inhospita...

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Accounting Associate (Financial Development Program)
Nicholson Construction
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Acton, United States

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Surface Wave Methods for Near-Surface Site Characterization
Authors:Sebastiano Foti, Carlo G. Lai, Glenn J. Rix, Claudio Strobbia
Publisher: CRC Press

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NovoLIQ, Novo Tech's Soil Liquefaction Analysis Software, is now on iTunes with a new application! Log in on iTunes, buy and download an easy-to-...

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