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Top 20 most popular civil engineering news in 2017!

The NHERI Science Plan: A Resource for Natural Hazards Engineering Researchers

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Bridge collapses in Colombia killing at least nine (video)

A motorway bridge under construction collapsed in central Colombia on Monday, Ja...

California gets hit by deadly mudslides

Heavy rainfall caused rivers of mud and debris to run down from hillsides in San...

A number of cities around the globe are testing 3D crosswalks in order to slow traffic

An interesting technique that aims to make the streets safer, even though no stu...

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Meet Gilson Pro-Loader Load Frames! ...

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2017 Geotechnical Business Directory
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16-Hour Structural Engineering (SE) Practice Exam for Buildings (STBDPX3), 3rd Edition
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The typhoon struck Japan early Monday, October 23, causing widespread flooding and mudslides and leaving at least four people dead. ...

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