Richat: The Giant Blue Eye of Africa

The dome is very visible from space!

Video and photo-gallery: 25 years from the Loma Prieta Earthquake

The quake was felt devastated the Bay Area and left 63 dead

Burj Khalifa Opens New Observation Deck

Visitors to the Burj Khalifa in Dubai can now pay to ride to the 148th floor to get an even more elevated view.

Infograph: Building Virginia’s Newest Tunnel

Atwo lane tunnel will be placed next to an existing one

$4 Million Needed to Save Bay Lights on Bay Bridge

Or the lights will be dismanlted by March of next year

Photos: Invisible cave discovered in Slovakia

Ancient dropstones discovered in the main room

The politics of offshore construction in the South China sea

China is currently constructing artificial islands in the area

Photo gallery: The flood damage to Kashmir's cultural heritage

About 150 buildings were damaged by the floods

Portland Bridge Tests Ambient Lighting System

The light system will change colors throughout the day's "2014 Geo-educational Guide" is now available!

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Developer Proposes 740-Foot Boston Skyscraper

A new $900 million, 740-foot skyscraper is being proposed for Boston’s Financial...

Video: Tennessee Bridge Demolition

The video below shows Tennessee officials demolishing a bridge over I-65 last we...

Geological Survey of India towards developing a landslide Early Warning System

Destruction pictures like this could be avoided in the near future and casualtie...

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